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A kiss for later

Have you ever kissed someone goodbye?

I’ve never purposely, at least not for the final goodbye. I’ve said goodbye at airports, I’ve waved good bye while being separated by military deployments. I’ve looked back, for that one final glance when being separated by distance from family, friends and lovers, but I’ve never realized the last kiss or hug would be the last.

Would you do it differently if you did? Would you hold on longer or run away to avoid the sadness? Would you kiss more passionately or perhaps never go at all? Saying goodbye to people often isn’t a luxury we are afforded, and many goodbyes that are meant to just be “see you laters” end up being the final moments of touch, of real human connection in the physical.

Maybe closure and peace aren’t found in knowing the end of something is happening at the present, maybe it is. All I know is that the beginning and the end are never truly appreciated for their bitter sweet beauty until after the fact, so bear that in mind every time.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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