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Rise up New

All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone – French philosopher, Blaise Pascal

Growing and changing through this life, these demonstrations of inequality, this pandemic. How do you want to come out? How do you want to grow?  The rampant sense of entitlement, immaturity, selfishness, cowardliness and self-centered thought process must change.

In sitting alone (or with limited people) and not being able to physically escape into the arms of another, or a world outside of our home can be really uncomfortable or unnerving. People don’t much want to sit in silence with themselves and their own thoughts – but I believe that’s because we’re not equipped or trained to. It is often more enjoyable, and much easier to escape our thoughts and feelings rather than reflect on them. It’s more comforting to drink a glass of wine than it is to think about WHY we are choosing it. It is more fun to spend every minute with friends, staying busy, than it is to sit and analyze the outcomes of our choices. Mindlessly scrolling through pictures of other’s life and achievements is much more simple than laying out your own plans for your life and goals.

I don’t disagree – I know it’s more fun and easy to enjoy; however, I don’t believe that going through life with a “head in the sand” outlook is the way to be fulfilled, be the best person to yourself and others, or to conquer the parts of life that aren’t what you wish them to be. Rare moments of silence and reflection should be breathed in deeply and relished. Those are when the feelings will surface, the thoughts and ideas will rise or blossom. Clarity can be found and dreams can expand into wildly imaginative pieces of glorious beauty. Don’t fear the silence, embrace your time with yourself.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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