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Gains – Fitness Update

Since it’s been a while, and I have some updates to report, figured I’d do a little update post on my fitness side of life!

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These are just a few posts about where I have been, what I’ve been doing and where I want to go!

Notably, in the last few months since being at home:
1. I have not put on much, if any weight. I would wager/estimate that I probably have lost some muscle mass, but otherwise, no worse for the wear and no significant increase in my fat.
2. I ran my fastest pace per mile just yesterday! I did a 2.68 mile jog and did an average pace per mile of 11:32, which is a VAST improvement from back in February when I was literally doing like 13:00-14:00 min/mile pace! I could certainly FEEL the difference yesterday in my jog and though I was working hard (*burned over 540 calories) I felt the strength and practiced form/breathing. It was so exhilarating to see my pace improve and feel better from an endurance view.
3. Just in the last two weeks, I have begun to be able to run without my braces under my knees, and the braces on my ankles. I used to have to wear supports while I jogged because my joints were in awful pain and just were too weak to handle the impact. I’m proud to be able to ONLY need socks and shoes when I jog now, rather than a whole array of support equipment!
4. I completed the Peloton Haleakala bike challenge – which I posted a link to above – but was 5 hours of riding! So fun and inspiring to take part in.
5. To date in 2020, I have also reached my century ride (100 rides) milestone on my peloton bike, as well as earned various achievements in the months. I have surpassed 25 runs on the peloton app (outdoor jogs) AND logged 2,315 minutes (that’s over 38.5 hours) of working out since January 1, 2020.

Gains aren’t always just giant muscles or definition in a certain part of your body. Embrace your body and express gratitude for all it does for you.

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