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Science is how we solve problems, but Art is how we cope with them. – Unknown

Beauty – it’s all around, we just have to be willing to look up, look out and APPRECIATE it. Our world right now is fraught with dark feelings, ugly exhibitions of mistreatment and fear, but that does not negate the good, beautiful and spectacular. 

Art, in the many and various forms, is such a powerful outlet for those who make it and a comfort to those who consume it. The FEELINGS of the artist can truly change the feelings of the recipient and I love that about artistry. The passion that comes from those who create, and the fearlessness they exhibit in their public displays of those passions – truly mesmerizing. It’s so wonderful to look around and see people I know making hand crafted jewelry, performing music on FB live, taking pictures of “everyday” life but capturing its beauty and intricacies. Looking at handmade art on my walls, seeing videos of stunning dances, laying under the warmth of a home-made quilt or eating the magical meals cooked at the hand of a friend – all these are artistic endeavors, which I adore. 

Where does art come into your life, or how do you express your own artistry?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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