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Look Up & Out

I often wonder how much beauty we take for granted. Having traveled to many places, I am just in awe at every turn when I see such amazing scenery and buildings, such as castles and mountains, monasteries and shrines. I LOVE to take in the various places and appreciate the nuances of their artistry, the vibrancy of their history and culture, and how they differ from what I see daily. 

Living in Southern California for the last 15 years, I will be the first to admit that sometimes I overlook things that are truly spectacular. Living in the day-to-day routine of things, it’s quite easy for me to take for granted the balmy (rather perfect) weather, the sun setting over palm trees and into the Pacific Ocean, or scenic places to hike, jog, or just explore. Similarly, I wonder if the people I know from other areas of the world can reacquaint themselves with the “everyday” wonders that surround them. For instance, I think one of my favorite places/memories of Scotland was the Glasgow Central Train Station. I have no idea why, but I absolutely loved it. The colors, the sounds, the bustle of people. It was a whole experience, but the beautiful colors and details in the architecture, coupled with the pretty stores inside, etc. were all just a part of the magic. I also felt so amazed by the beauty of the Glasgow Necropolis. It sounds so bleak to go to a cemetery, but it was peaceful, gorgeous and had the most amazing views. I recall that I passed it the first evening I was in town, and it was rainy/grey on that particular evening; however, it was still so hauntingly (no pun intended) serene and lovely. The next time I went, the sun was beaming and the sky was so clear & blue, it just was more than my heart could bear, and I just walked around it for hours. 

We often get so engrossed in our lives that we forget to look up, look out and take in the magic. Similarly, sometimes even when we “see” those things, we no longer take them in with child-like wonder or appreciation, just a passing glance and nothing more. Looking at life through a lens of appreciation can be a challenging thing, but it can make EVERY day feel that much more special. 

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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