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Easing Into the Outside World

With COVID restrictions changing and in some places relaxing (slightly) it can be so exciting and tempting to jump into life! Enthusiasm and a bit of “cabin fever” can have anyone chomping at the bit to go to dinners in a restaurant, have a cookout with friends, head to a pub, or stroll along the beach. This “ease into things” isn’t just about COVID though, there’s many layers to look at:

  1. Covid:
    Clearly the big one – but don’t risk illness (or worse) being careless or reckless. Please keep yourself and your family safe.
  2. Financial Impact:
    The state of the world has (for many) either greatly diminished their income OR greatly diminished their spending. Be careful to keep an eye on how much money is going out now, since (for those who have remained employed), it will be an added expense that has for many months been minimized. Don’t put yourself into a place of unexpected hardship by overspending out of excitement. ALSO – try and “pre-budget” things that might be increasing again, such as gas/petrol for the car if you’re back to commuting, or a pot of money for pub outings.
  3. Diminished or impacted boundaries = stress:
    This one is less obvious in the moment, but can creep up. All of a sudden, going from 0 “social” things to a bunch of dates, can mean that your calendar suddenly ends up bursting at the seams. With everyone vying for attention and wanting to catch up, it can quickly feel like you’re powerless to say no.
    Don’t feel that way! You have a right to protect your peace and ease into the process. Dust off that diary/day planner and be sure you’re keeping yourself balanced.
  4. Other health impacts:
    Aside from the risk of illness – don’t negate the added calories consumed during (now) lunch or dinner dates, and alcohol consumption that might be outside of your newly established routines. If you’re not used to working out hard/at high intensity and then jump back in at your gym, your immune system can be weakened or in shock and you can find yourself feeling under the weather. There’s a myriad of things that you’ve not been exposed to in a fair amount of time – so don’t be surprised if you notice a change in your weight, or how you’re feeling physically.

We all want to see our friends/family again and be a part of the outside world – but please do so carefully and thoughtfully. Wishing you all a safe July!

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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