A Perfect Day

I don’t know about anyone else – but I’ve been asked, and I have asked others about their “perfect” day. I have considered this – but I always thought about what I would do; however, I forgot to consider HOW I would do it.

It’s much more complex to consider the “perfect” day in a way that is less about sunshine, rainbows, money or sex – and more about the echo of your steps & actions. So here it is, something to think about in that perfect scenario…How would you do it?

From the moment you wake, every. single. step. is a choice. I know for myself, I don’t live every day as if it might be my last, and maybe that is why a perfect day is so very hard to envision. What IF that day, from start to finish, was one that was executed with generosity, compassion, kindness, love and understanding? What if that “perfect” day is simply the day that we chose all the good, loving ways to interact, and it ended in a finale that would let our legacy live on in great memories?

The “perfect” day is not about perfection in any monetary or relaxing sense – but about the echo and ripple effect of what could be your legacy. If you died tomorrow – would today be one that would leave behind all the things that needed to be said, all the love that was in your heart, or all the kindness that could be shared? I know now that MY perfect day would be one where every step was taken with care, and consideration of the ripples I would create.


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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