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The Mask

We’re so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others, that in the end, we become disguised to ourselves. – The Goldfinch

Perhaps it’s maturity, or maybe my own personal development journey, the cracking of my ego or whatever you want to call it – but just the other day I had a very tangible moment of “aha!” where it was so perfectly illustrated to me that I had my own masks I was wearing. 

Maybe 4-6 months ago, I took a quiz. Just a little “what’s your relationship archetype/style” quiz. A quick little thing, with just a handful of questions and then the result. I took said quiz and got my answer. The archetype I was assigned seemed vaguely accurate, but not really life changing – regardless, I don’t think much of it. Fast forward to this past weekend. I happen to stumble upon that site/quiz again – so I think “why not” and I click the link to take the quiz. This time though, I get to the questions and I can see the answers that I KNOW I picked last time, but I know that truthfully, those were what I WANTED to believe I was like in a relationship, NOT what I was ACTUALLY like/feeling. So this time, I carefully and slowly read all the choices, and selected based on my TRUE behaviors. Lo and behold (not so surprising!) I had a WHOLE different archetype as an outcome and THIS one read like it was a reflection of my heart and soul. 

My point is – sometimes we wear masks, for a number of reasons, but it gets a little difficult when we can’t (or don’t realize we need to) remove that mask. We spend so much time pretending to be a certain person or way, for the sake of others, our own self preservation/protection/ego, or just because we’re so scared, that we truly lose our authentic selves. It can be more than a little scary to let down those walls, show your true self or to release our mask, but when we do – the truth can sometimes show up in unexpected ways, but in ways that we NEED to know/hear. 

Find yourself. 

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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