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June 2020 Recap & July 2020 Goals

Read about my June 2020 Goals here – but let’s see how we did and talk about where we want to go!

  1. Money – June was the first month with no car payment! Whooo!!!
    The debt slaying focus is still number 1 – so making every attempt to use those funds wisely when I do, and pay off anything I can with whatever excess money I find!
    July – I would like to just continue executing on “the plan” and really honing in on ways I can save money and/or make more. I did start my own business in June, so there is some (read, not a lot) of additional money coming in, but won’t be in the “green” for that account for a little while.
  2. Food/Diet – June – Did well and tracked my “eating out” so as not to exceed more than 5 meals outside my house during the month and did it!  I also made sure to at least TRY and eat the food I had at home without letting any of it go to waste/go bad. I also made a rule for myself of not being allowed more than 1 meal “out” in the same day, so gotta choose carefully. It wasn’t too bad though.
    July – I think I will likely aim for the same, since I want to balance my nutrition and my fitness to try and make 35 my best year yet (my 35th birthday is in July!). I may have a little trouble since I know there will be some birthday celebrating, but I am going to try not to let things spiral too wildly out of control.
    – Caffeine – I have been careful to still keep an eye on my caffeine intake and am far below what I was a couple months ago. Also tried to focus on my water intake, so that’s been a real challenge. 

    – Fitness – Actually really happy with my working out in June. It was a nice weather month, and though masks are a bit annoying (and super hot) – I did even PR my pace per mile during my jogs outside! I also got the finally go back to my favorite boxing gym – and MAN did those first few workouts HURT. Like soreness in muscles that clearly had all but disappeared since quarantine! I got my “inbody” scan done and see where I am as far as muscle mass, fat, and visceral fat – so hoping by the time I scan again (in about 6 weeks) I will see an improvement in those numbers.
    July – I want to continue my fitness regimen and aim for at least 1 boxing class per week, as well as my weekend walks at the lake, Peloton bike rides and outdoor runs when I can.
  3. Travel – Booked a trip for next Spring – April 2020. Big plans and excited to take a little time with a good gal pal, to explore more than a few awesome places! Still ironing out the details – but – so far it’s looking like London, Paris, Amsterdam and maybe Germany.
    ALSO – booked a trip to visit my sister and her family in September, so I will get to spend a few days with my adorable nephew and she/her husband and I are all planning to participate in a (virtual) 5k run together, so that should be fun. 
  4. Other –  The home cleaning/organizing/downsizing donation process finally feels (mostly) complete; however, I am certain I will continue the purge here and there.
    – I am in the process of getting my coaching/life coach certification, so that’s been full focus as far as class, homework, readings, outlines and such. Did well though since the course started with keeping up on my homework and allocating the appropriate amount of time each week for studying!
    – June I actually introduced morning, daily journaling and a revamped morning routine! I didn’t plan to – but since I did I have been feeling really good. Journaling has been a nice way to feel my emotions and sort out what’s going on in my head.
    – “Masterclass” – I have been enjoying these so much! I also entered into the similar domain of “Creative Live” as well as personal development classes on “Daily OM”
    – Cross stitching – This got put to the back burner but I recognize I need to focus on many things right now, so that’s ok. July is shaping up to look as busy as June so I don’t plan to make any goals to hold myself accountable for it, but do try and remember to enjoy it when I have a free moment.

What are YOUR goals for the coming month? Does summertime make you feel excited for some different things or adventures?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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