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Living and Loving the Journey

Searching for oneself is the journey of a lifetime, life is what happens in between – Unknown

We may never truly “find ourselves” during the span of our life – but the point is to try. Also, we must remember that the journey of life is not just about doing for others, but a balance of giving and receiving. 

The journey to finding ourselves is paved by experience, and ideally it is a journey that doesn’t help us “find” some end product, but rather to BECOMING the person we yearn to be. The best, most happy, joyful, loving, authentic version of ourselves that is hidden deep within. People often hope that something or someone will make clear to them “who they are” or attribute value to them; however, we alone are the sole providers of value, worth, and figuring out who we are, and what we are meant for. 

The evolution of our growth should be an exciting, FUN journey! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that lessons are only taught through pain. Searching into the recesses of your heart and mind may seem hard or daunting, but it truly can be steeped in love, compassion and gratitude. 


By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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