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Pain Transforming

Just because we keep living does not mean we stop hurting. – Unknown

Pain, sorrow, grief and all it entails feels boundless in the moment. Depths that know no end, and yet for most we trudge on. While time may “heal all wounds” we are blessed and cursed to remember. Since we can not erase our memories, we continue on with life, but we continue on just a bit changed. Our pain doesn’t go away, it is morphed into other things such a silence, reflection, self preservation, distraction and more. Focused effort to look any other direction than the one which hurt so much.

Time passes whether we want it to or not – therefore our pain lives on, though just a tiny bit smaller than the minute, day, or week preceding. Our hearts, souls, bodies and minds are not meant to live in a perpetual state of grief or pain, which is why physical manifestations such as weight loss, physical illness or actual pain come forward, to remind us that we have to CHOOSE to live.

We have to choose the path of continued life. We have to nourish our minds, bodies and spirits, and remain open to beauty and love. All those moments of sadness, grief or loss aren’t gone, they are just lessened, thanks in part to the many people and experiences that followed and reignited feelings of passion, love, joy, wonder, and excitement. The scars that do not show are often the ones that heal the slowest, but be kind to yourself and let yourself come back to life in the time and way that you need.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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