How To Be Single

Call it reckless optimism, or perhaps it’s the fact that my 35th birthday is seriously just around the corner, but I want to feel hopeful. I WANT to feel optimistic and believe in love, a blissful future, and lovers in Paris in the spring.

Being single, or being in a relationship, they are both worthy, wonderful places to be. I won’t lie and say that it’s more fun on either side, but I do know life isn’t perfect, but it’s beautiful. We get consumed by the picture that media paints single women over a certain age like, as somehow less or not as feminine, but that’s not true.

How to be a single woman at 35. First, accept your life, and be grateful for it. For everything it is and is yet to be, just be grateful. Second, look at yourself and reflect on those patterns in life that brought you to this point, no matter how good or bad. Third, don’t be bitter. Don’t shut your heart down from love, from everyone who loves you and yourself. Fourth, don’t forget to prioritize your happiness, your health, your dreams and your future. Fifth, don’t settle. Being single isn’t some scarlet letter – it just means that the right one hasn’t made their way to you, or the time just wasn’t right.

Travel, make vision boards, spend late nights exploring your favorite wines, re-evaluate your budget/finances, get into the best shape of your life, buy your first home, and treat your family and friends like the loves of your life that they are.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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