Can I Be the One?

Are two people “meant” to be together? I don’t know if I believe in that – or that only one person is exclusively meant for the other and they are the ONLY one in the whole world that can make the other happy, safe, loved or more.

I do believe though in love, and the goodness it brings. No matter how life happens, I could never stop trusting, that when the time is right I will be ready for love and it will be ready for me. All I can do is let another person know I choose them, over and over, and I won’t stop loving them, even though I have no control over if they choose to stop loving me.

The more important thing, for the time being, is a different question. Can I be the one for me? Can I love myself enough to prepare myself to accept that next great love with grace instead of suspicion, doubt or just determined deflection? Can I open myself up and surrender to it when it comes instead of holding it so tight that it slips through my controlling grip? Can I practice, right now, the healthy habits, thoughts, communication tools and patience to be a worthy partner to someone else?

I have to be sure, to my core, that I am enough, and hope that whoever my lifetime love will be can see that I am uniquely, imperfectly, utterly me; and that I can love them perfectly for all that they are or wish to be.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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