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Fail Faster

Society has conditioned many to believe that “failure isn’t an option” or that somehow failure is indicative of their value as a person. That is not true.

Failure is not only an option – it should be sought out. Only when we try new things can we even attempt to fail. Failing at something shows courage, it shows a willingness to learn, a spirit of adventure or a growth that isn’t always felt while playing it safe. I say “fail faster” because that means you’re learning, and you’re getting better and the next time (if you do it again) you will have that much more experience. If you live your life small, and unwilling to try – then yes, you will never fail – but will you really LIVE?

Also – failing isn’t a bad thing. It’s PERFECTLY OK to try something, maybe many times over, and not find yourself good at it, or even wanting to BE good at it, so you don’t do it again. That’s not failing at it – that’s just making a choice. For instance, I have tried to play various sports during the course of my 35 years of life; however, I just wasn’t good at (most) some of them. That doesn’t mean I’m a failure – because that seems to imply that we should not count all the sports I AM good at, or the activities that take strength, endurance or physical/mental toughness to do.

Fail loudly, proudly and often. You are more than your failures (or successes) and your worth is not based upon what you achieve.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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