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Things I TRY Not to Purchase

While I normally do a monthly debt recap … I thought it would be a bit more fun to reflect about ways I am changing/shaping my life to be 1. more economical and 2. more in line with the various values and beliefs that I carry.

  1. One thing that’s been ongoing, and I have written about it in depth in my other post here, and in monthly updates, is my Starbucks limitation. So quick summary – I have $100 preloaded on my Sbucks card app in January and that is THAT. for. the. year.
  2. Candles. *Sigh* I mean, if you know, you know…it can be a real problem. I have tried to steer clear of the Bath & Body Works deals (and with COVID that’s been easier)…but it’s still WILDLY tempting for some reason to say “yes I NEED this candle to go with my collection of 20 other unused candles”.  With that – I have also downsized said collection, and tried to keep only those that I truly enjoy. It’s been SO HOT though, that it’s still tough to get myself to light them.
  3. Any NEW things that I already have at home. This is for things like shampoo, which I used to get bored of and just buy a new one for the hell of it, body lotion, other consumables that I just felt tired or bored with. I no longer do that. I am focused on using what I have before purchasing anything new.
  4. Giant jugs of mouthwash/rinse – I always found them to be so bulky, and kind of gross in the fact that (some) people put their mouth on the top of the container … so I found lately that there’s a great tablet alternative that allows 1. for easier travel/transport and 2. less bulk & chance of shared germs! The tablets dissolve in the time I brush my teeth and I just keep my little cup for water with the tablets. I got mine at Package Free – which I LOVE.
  5. Cotton Rounds – I used to buy these for makeup removal, but also switched to more eco-friendly, re-usable cloths that are made specifically to help remove makeup. Paired with my soaps and cleansers, these are just as effective and I don’t feel so wasteful.
  6. Frozen smoothie ingredients – I kept trying to convince myself that I wanted to stay on the smoothie train, because I love them, and I don’t get enough fruits & vegetables in my life. With that – man do those bags of frozen fruits and veg take up space in my freezer/fridge, and almost always go bad before I actually use them. I gave up on those and instead opted for a personal, bio-degradable, pod-based style blender called Vejo. You can check them out here but I have LOVED this single serving size and ease of use product. Much easier and far more likely that I will use them – I have LOVED mine (I purchased the Pink one, of COURSE!).
  7. It’s slightly more time consuming BUT for the most part, I no longer purchase canned/premade soups. I know how to cook well enough, and I rather enjoy making my own, which always (to me) taste better than what I would buy canned and reheated.
  8. Ziplock Bags – Plastic storage bags are super wasteful, an added expense, and honestly not that helpful bc you will get air in them. Instead I have switched almost all my food storage over to glassware, be that square “meal” containers, or just glass jars. I have a LOT of jars now, and I find it just as easy to use those as to use a ziplock, but just a tiny more time spent doing dishes.
  9. Anything that I know I have at home. I used to find myself out and about without (for example) an umbrella. I would be mad because I was getting rained on so I’d pop in and buy a cheap little travel size one somewhere. I also would do this with shipping/packaging tape when I went to mail things. I would end up just buying ANOTHER roll – and while it may not seem like much, it’s always at least 2-3 dollars for tape and 5-10 dollars for an umbrella. Over time, I have learned to 1. check the weather and 2. keep things handy. Umbrella (and poncho AND wellies aka rain boots) by the front door AND a water proof jacket in the trunk of the car. I also keep rolls of tape all together in one place, and one in the car as well. Little planning ahead can make a BIG difference.
  10. Cards. I LOVE paper goods, greeting cards, stationary, etc but I have put a stop to purchasing more. I have loads of them and am (again) determined to use what I have before buying any more. I have literally had the same box of envelopes (it was 100 count) for about 5 years, so until I use them up, I will not buy more. Sometimes, if an occasion warrants it, I will buy a special card if it is more suitable (ie sympathy etc) – but most the time, I find a well written, heartfelt, handwritten message is much more important than the picture on the front.
  11. Books & Magazines. This is TOUGH. I love them – but there are a lot of “free little libraries” all around my area, as well as actual libraries. There are books at home I haven’t even read yet and more that my friends offer to loan me, so I have no need to buy more. Yes, I am SO tempted in every airport terminal – but I have learned to curb that urge and save my money and space.

Are there things that you’ve learned to do without, or replace in a different way in your life? What’s the reasoning behind it? I find it exhilarating and fun to see how and why I changed over time.

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