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Counting Macros…Again

So in a previous post I talked about doing this back in the late winter/early spring time. Admittedly, I wasn’t quite as into it or as committed then – but we’re back to it! If you’re new to the idea of “counting macros” you can read more about it in depth in my first post, here.

I don’t have a set amount of time that I am trying to do this for, but I know I want to meet some goals/milestones so I will likely do this for as long as that takes. As always, I will preface this by saying 1. I am NOT a licensed nutritionist, or anything of the sort. 2. This information is based on my research of the topic, a plan put together for me by a professional fitness/nutrition coach, and my personal experiences. 3. With any diet or exercise routine – please consult your physician before attempting and all results are different depending on the person.

Current Macro Goals (days when I workout):
Calories: 1,745
Carbohydrates: 170g
Fats: 65g
Protein: 120g

Days that I don’t workout, it’s more like this:
Calories: 1,550
Carbohydrates: 110g
Fats: 70g
Protein: 120g

How much of each do you need? THAT is the question…which is why I consulted with a professional and had them determine that for me. There’s a LOT that goes into figuring this out, such as age, gender, Basal Metabolic Rate, Activity Level and more.

I am tracking using the “premium” (read paid) version of MyFitnessPal. This allows friends and coach to see what I’m doing. Also, it has a huge database of pre-existing items/foods. Mind you – those numbers seem like a LOT (I am 35 years old and 5’2″ tall), and I was DEF NOT getting that much food in, at least not consistently and with healthy food choices. For example, peak depression mode and bad lifestyle, I was averaging a mere 700 calories a day. That’s NOT good and a really terrible thing. I know this, and I realized the harm I was doing to myself.

Yes, I am weighing all my portions, and while it’s slightly time consuming, it’s not bad and I don’t mind it – but if you want to do macro counting – you will need to get a food scale, it’s just necessary.

As I said in the start of this – it’s kind of like a shifting puzzle. I have definitely found it easier to PRE-plan my meals and snacks rather than try and “adjust as I go”, because of specific target amounts.  I also try and MIX it UP because yes, you meal prep a fair amount of things (like salmon for example) and you need to eat it before it goes bad BUT that doesn’t mean it has to be 1. bland or 2. routine/boring. I like to use fresh things to make it a bit more tasty, and I like to alternate meals. What I mean…If I have said salmon for lunch one day, I will try and have it for dinner the next. Breakfast will be savory one morning (like scrambled egg whites and bacon) and sweet another (greek yogurt). I know it can be easy to make the same thing every meal so it’s less work to track/calculate, but that gets old pretty quick and will make you run the risk of giving up/giving in faster.

Will keep progress posted and updates as I can – but want to give it about a solid 4-6 week to capture any metrics.



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