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A Rough Reminder

Sometimes it takes feeling a little pain/discomfort to remind us of WHO we want to be and HOW we will get there. This happened to me just last night/this morning.

  1. Yesterday I went golfing in the afternoon with a friend. We may have gotten into some beers while we had our round, and then continued the festivities afterward with dinner and more beers. This is probably the most alcohol I’ve consumed at one stretch, in a VERY long time. Like the last time I had more to drink than yesterday, was back in Las Vegas in March 2020.
    All this to say I had a lot of beers, and this led to me…
    1. Eating things I shouldn’t have that were not in my macros and going over my goal caloric intake for the day by about 500+ calories. It’s not the end of the world but consistency is key so I kinda sucked at that yesterday. It’s not going to be the end all be all, since I did do quite well with my calories/macros all last week, but it is little “blips” like that which will ruin a good consistent run and slow down the progress I am looking for.
    2. Sleeping so badly and waking up in the middle of the night dehydrated and with a headache that would not quit. Ended up getting up at 2am to take some Extra Strength headache medicine and pound some water.
    3. Due to my poor sleep, I ended up staying in bed much later than normal and setting up my Monday/week without my typical morning routine. I DID eventually get my breakfast in and such – but it felt like I set myself up for a less than ideal scenario.
    This is just one example of how the choices we make can ripple out and cause a disruptive chain of events, whether we intend it to or not. We KNOW what we are doing, but it was a good reminder of how I don’t want to feel.

    With that – I don’t believe in just looking at what I did wrong, but instead also how to fix/prevent or make it better. SO – funny enough – when I did my grocery shopping this past weekend, I actually picked up some non-alcoholic beers. I know I like a glass of wine or beer in the evening but I also know I want to cut back on my alcohol intake/calories and feel better overall, so this is my “training wheels” fix for now. Also, this “feeling” like crap hangover, well it’s a REAL good reminder that I need to keep it in check on a “school night” and keep my goals in sight.

  2. ALSO last night – I had a very interesting blast from the past.
    While at dinner with my golfing friend, she and I were eating at a little sushi spot that neither of us had been to before. Well, with COVID, we had our masks on and so did our wait staff. About half way through our meal – I realized that the eyes of one wait staff member seemed eerily familiar. Turns out I was correct, and this was a man that I had gone on a date with a few years ago! So random. Long story short, we had met via dating app, talked/texted for a bit and had one date. This date ended up being the only one and I wasn’t really feeling a connection.
    Fast forward to last night, well, finally by the end of dinner as we were leaving I said “bye, thanks (insert his name here)” and he looked SHOOK. I also sent him a text (because I’m a weirdo who keeps every phone number ever) and said “nice to see you, blah blah”. He did eventually text back and say that he had realized who I was earlier in the dinner and just felt too embarrassed to say something. He also said that I wasn’t the “first girl to shoot him down hard” to which I disagreed, because I thought I was at least honest but kind about it. However he felt about it though, I did apologize so as not to invalidate how he remembered things, and it was a good reminder to always be kind. You never know when you might bump into someone that you never intended to see or speak to again, but when you do, it’s always better to have been a decent person.
    I could have easily ignored him/the situation but I think it would have been wrong (for me), as I don’t believe that blatantly ignoring someone is ever the answer. As adult humans, we have the right to protect our peace, but we also can just be decent and acknowledge the “elephant in the room” if need be and let someone know that they exist. I felt that if I had pretended I did not know him, that would run the risk of him thinking/feeling as if he never existed or wasn’t important enough to remember, and if he had recognized me – well that would feel so hurtful to think that someone else couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge the existence of another. It simple but rarely easy to say “thank you for contacting me, but I am not yet ready to be friends (or insert whatever dynamic in here), but I will reach out when/if I do” – but I choose to at least acknowledge and validate the person has said something/contacted me and let them know how I feel about it.

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