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Simple does not = Easy

Mel Robbins frequently says “things are usually simple but rarely easy” and while I don’t know if she’s the one who coined that phrase/idea first, I do know she repeats it a LOT, and she is who I attribute my recollection of it to.

This short phrase has helped me a lot recently. It helped me put more context around what I was doing and why. I think we all know in our minds when things are “simple” and could be accomplished – but it’s not always “easy” to get ourselves to do it. Whether we want to go for a walk/jog/run, get up earlier, or be a better partner/friend/parent or whatever; the steps to get there are typically simple but not always easy.

For me personally, lately I have been trying to take a more vested interest in my health and fitness, and while it may seem simple enough to track my food during the day (it probably takes a total of 15 mins or less to plan my meals, weigh/measure my food and log it in my tracker) this doesn’t always seem easy, or like something I want to do. I create these fictitious narratives in my head of all the reasons that I am not able to do it, or I cast the blame on myself and give a defeated sigh before just calling myself not good enough. In the end, I repeat “simple but not easy” and I am reminded that we all have to give ourselves a little break. Instead of being hard on myself and going “you’re so lazy” or “why aren’t you more dedicated” – I instead say “just because it’s simple doesn’t mean I can’t struggle with it or dislike it”.

For others this may come into play in many different ways, such as exercising patience with a friend or child, or maybe just trying to establish a new morning routine. Practices and new habits are never built overnight and all the “simple” things in our to-do list might seem overwhelming on some days, and that is ok. Give yourself some grace, exercise a little forgiveness and move on. Remember that baby steps are still forward motion and you can always start again.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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