Rant Thinking

Grand Intentions

The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention – Unknown

Along the same lines of the quote above, I also heard recently that “actions scream while words whisper”. Both resonate strongly with me, as I (personally) agree very strongly with their sentiment/message.

While of course words are/can be meaningful, it is in how people behave, their actions, their consistency, support, thoughtfulness and more add up to the whole experience. We can always be well-intentioned and think or plan the nicest things, but if we never let it out or take action they might be really ineffective but well-meant wishes.

Don’t THINK about how you want to improve yourself, TAKE the step, no matter how “small” you might feel that step is. Don’t just think a nice sentiment, but SAY it and share that thought/feeling with the person before you miss an opportunity. Actually being there for someone in a tangible, or meaningful, action oriented way is likely much more appreciated than 100 “I’m thinking of you” statements will ever be.

We have to be attuned to the way in which people want to receive our help, affection or companionship BUT if we are never brave or bold enough to take action, we will never do anything except (falsely) make ourselves feel like we’ve done a good thing and build our ego without actually impacting anyone else.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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