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You-nique. Rules for YOU

I have said it before but I think it’s a good reminder periodically, but YOU are not me. I am not my friend or sister, and nobody (and no BODY) is the same.

I find this especially necessary to say in relation to fitness and health. As a person who has been on their own fitness journey (you can read about it here if you want) I know how tempting it is to see someone who looks the way you hope to, and want to replicate their success. I’m so sorry, but it does not work that way.

Make your life yours and make “rules” or structure for yourself based on your lifestyle, goals and who YOU are. Yes there is general guidance to follow for nutrition and health, BUT the small tweaks to your every day life are the things that will make you more successful or trip you up.

For example, some person might make a rule of not eating after 8pm. Ok, well that’s great for them but that’s not an issue for me. Instead of adding more stress and worry to your journey (and making it less fun in the process), stop assuming you have to take on every habit or idea that anyone else has. If you don’t like working out in the morning, then do it in the evening. If you don’t know how to cook well but don’t enjoy eating the same foods day in and day out, then either find a meal prep service or look up some recipes online. Nobody’s resting metabolic rate is the same, neither is their activity level or caloric needs, so please go to a professional to get those numbers crunched and get solid, informed metrics to map out your plan.

Not just with food – but also I see this a lot with money/finance. For some reason, people like to forget that they are unique, so while the “general rule” might be a certain percentage of take home pay should go to savings, that’s never a “hard and fast” thing – so stop comparing. If you can only save $10 a month, then be fiscally responsible and pay your necessities, debts, bills and save that $10. If you want to do something or plan for a large expense/trip, then don’t just assume that some vlogger’s envelope system will get you there…it might help but YOU have to figure out what YOU can cut back on. You have to itemize your life and decide your priorities. More than that, you have to be really honest about your true circumstance and willing to address it.

It makes me sad when I see/hear people talking about how frustrated they are by lack of progress, but yet they jump from “fad” to fad or don’t give anything a reasonable chance at success by allowing themselves time to implement it into their lives fully. Make those rules that make SENSE for your life, and don’t let anyone else rule you.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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