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Chaos or Calm?

Your outside world will match your inside.


I have heard this quote before, but was reminded by Mark Groves podcast recently. I know that for myself, this has been (annoying to admit) true. This can also be something that’s hard for us to accept, if we aren’t ready or willing to admit that we are truly the cause for our successes and failures.

As I have worked on improving myself, my mind, energy, relationships with self and others, as well as health, and more, here are just some ways that I have seen a shift in the world outside of my body:
1. My house – As I have been more peaceful inside, I have most certainly noticed that my home environment is one of the MOST reflective places. I have felt the need to downsize and de-clutter. I have been much more attuned to not letting my environment be chaotic or (as) messy. Little things that used to not bother me now do, but in a good way.
2. My finances – Feeling at peace more in my mind/body has allowed me to feel less frantic, and also more in control overall, which has helped me make better choices financially. I have been able to prioritize my financial health in a way that I never seemed able to before.
3. My friendships – I really am so much better at protecting my peace and not letting relationships be a drain to me. I have much better boundaries and don’t feel as if I need to OVER compensate in order to be liked. I spend much more meaningful time with friends than ever before, talking and sharing with one another. I also have formed NEW friendships and let go of ones that no longer were good for either of us.
4. My work – In my (let’s call it 9-5 role, since I have other side hustles) primary job, I have found a better ability to exercise patience. Have (somewhat) more understanding and communicate more effectively. My work itself has always been “good” but it’s the little “interpersonal relations” aspect that has truly improved most.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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