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August Recap & September 2020 Goals

It has been a HOT one in August and this did nothing for my motivation to be honest. It was SUPER hard to want to work out and cook (in particular) with this crazy heat wave … and my house with no AirCon. Anyway, let’s see how we did in August and where we want to aim toward in the start of Autumn.

  1. Money –
    August –
    I said I would do NO Online purchases of any sort. I could still GO TO THE STORE and get things, but I was not to “convenience purchase” items or have them delivered, including but not limited to “app” purchases, so no app store things, no phone shopping, or food delivery.
    I am a HUGE online shopper – so this was a true “challenge”! I did end up buying a few things, but a “few” is FAR less than my usual EVERY day habit.
    – A food scale, which I ended up returning anyway. As you read further, you will read about my fitness/food goals so a food scale was a very necessary item.
    – A non-stick pan. I used my point rewards for this purchase AND again – with my food/meal prepping, it was a really needed item.
    – Particular protein powder. This is something that is not sold locally in stores, so I did end up purchasing online.
  2. Outside of home meals aka “to go” or at a restaurant/take away – limited to 5 for the month, and there was not be 2 in the same day (so if I go to lunch I can’t go to dinner too in the same afternoon). Was actually able to stick to this! I (luckily) had some lovely lunches and dinner in with friends where either I or they cooked…so it felt like treat meals and didn’t break my rules! Going to try and keep this same idea for September, with the exception of when I visit my sister because I will be away from my home, therefore, obviously eating out.
  3. Food/Fitness –
    August –
    I definitely felt an improvement over July, and that’s on both the depression and the health front.
     With my updated nutrition plan in place (macro counting), I did really well! I tracked my macros in “MyFitnessPal” and was actually quite good/close most days. I also did a LOT of workouts and was (mostly) consistent, with the exception of a few days because it was just SO HOT and humid.
    September – I want to keep up with my consistency and also am very excited to see some physique changes with my macro/diet tweaks! I am going to try and keep myself on a similar regimen and work on just being healthy in mind, body and spirit.
  4. Travel –
    – Excited for my trip to visit my sister and her family in September, we’ve been planning/plotting food, fun and lots of good old family time. Even have a few “active” things planned (like a family 5k) and walks, so it will be a nice time!
  5. Other –
    – Been staying quite busy with my coaching clients in the evenings/weekends and work has been just as busy as ever…OH! I did however earn a promotion – so that was very exciting!
    – Determined to stick with my journaling practice(s) and also try to be really mindful of not over committing myself socially, as I have noticed that I feel a bit drained lately.  Also hoping to use this promotion at work to chip away at the debt a little more quickly even!

What are YOUR goals for the coming month? Looking forward to things or people? I know I love to switch it up and see what I am capable of, so refreshing/incorporating new goals is so much fun!

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