Now for those of you who are skeptical or think it’s all a bunch of “woo woo crystal and sage” business, just hear me out. I’m not here to recap “The Secret” or anything else, but I do want to discuss the ways in which “manifesting” (or whatever you want to call it) appears and can be bolstered.

I am a 50/50 person with regard to believing that “what I visualize I will receive”. Not that I don’t believe that to a degree, BUT I think there’s more to it than just vision boards and dream lists. I DO believe that the universe (or whatever you believe in) does answer the calls you put out, but I don’t believe it’s truly just all magic dreams being answered…it’s simply clear understanding of who you are and what you want.

In my opinion, what we hear as “manifesting” is more simply just the belief in ourselves at the most granular level. What we truly believe in we will find or receive, because all of our actions will lead us in that direction. If we hold a belief so close and support it from our very essence, our unconscious, then without even realizing it we will turn in ways that guide us in that direction. Our unconscious mind is working so often and so much, without our even being aware (hence the name), but because of this we chalk it up to “the universe” or some other thing akin to “luck” or good fortune.

What if, instead of believing that the world is (or isn’t!) rewarding you based upon your ability to put together a vision board, but rather, everything you do, say, think, or choose are all micro movements that are guided by your belief in yourself (or lack thereof)?

Most importantly, some people aren’t ready or willing to admit this. Bad luck, karma or a history of excuses are always the “fall guy” for those who still feel they are the universe’s victim. It’s ok, that makes sense and is a place of comfort for many, and while we acknowledge and validate that experience or feeling, that doesn’t change the fact that it breeds stagnation and dissatisfaction. When that “rock bottom” hits though, is typically the same time that people come to the realization that their part of the decision making process has been the secret all along, not some unjust and vindictive karmic figure.

As for the actual “calling into existence” of things by way of manifesting…well that’s where it will look and feel different for every person, but the ideas are the same. Find your way to 1. Believe you are worthy of it, like TRULY believe it. 2. Find real life people or examples of this truth. Do you know someone who you admire or who has achieved what you seek? Great! Talk to them, study them, and see how this is not just a “dream” but an achievable and real goal. 3. Get clear about it. What does this situation or outcome look like in YOUR life? Maybe this is where you use that vision board or journal, but HOW do you plan to use that money once you get it? WHERE do you want to live in that ideal home? WHAT will you do with that loving relationship and how will you spend your time/experiences with this ideal partner?

Once your mind breaks past a “dream” or “fantasy” and knows someone who has come from the same place you are right now, it suddenly becomes achievable. When you believe you are truly worthy of happiness, success, love, and more – you ALLOW it to come to you instead of batting it away at every turn. When your mind sees the benefit or improvements that can come into YOUR life, in a real and meaningful way, then those little choices aren’t so hard. Manifesting isn’t magic, it is understanding why you want the things you do, knowing you deserve them and letting your heart/body/mind/soul guide you toward what you truly desire most.

If you are truthful with yourself and clear on why you want something (typically for someone or something more than selfish reasons), it becomes monumentally easier to adhere to the path which will lead you to your desired outcome.

For instance…If I say I want to improve my health and fitness it is BECAUSE I deserve to feel good about myself. I know many other real life people who have gone on a fitness journey and I can reach out to them at any time. I also know that I truly desire to live a long life, full of experiences that are exciting and fun – but will most certainly require a level of health and fitness that is not where I currently am. I want to be there to see my nephew graduate. I want to live a life without type 2 diabetes medications. I want to physically be able to conquer races and goals that challenge me. If I DO NOT take the steps now to make this change I will possibly sacrifice finding love, because I don’t truly love myself or the body I am in. I could be a burden to my friends or family because my health could inhibit my ability to work or cause me to be hospitalized. I could end up on long term, expensive and painful medical treatments.

ALL these are very real for me, both good and bad, but these help my decision making in every situation. Choosing workouts over Netflix. Lessening my alcohol intake and having the courage to refuse. Sticking to healthier eating more often than not, and not turning to food or booze to numb my feelings, whatever they may be. Drinking more water, even when I don’t want to, and setting reminders to take my medication. As you can see, manifesting my health isn’t just me saying “I want to be thin” and waiting for an overnight magic beanstalk to deliver me a fitness magazine physique, but truly just knowing what and why – that’s the magic!

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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