By Choice or by Force?

Learning to do things by choice rather than waiting until the situation is forced upon us can be one that is quite difficult and uncomfortable. Preemptive action is certainly not always an option, but if we analyze (many) situations in our lives, frequently we can recognize those moments that we waited to be pushed rather than jump.

One such situation for many is probably the end of a relationship. Whether it’s friends, family or romantic, we can often see when the end is coming but many times would rather not “pull the plug” until things are significantly worse than they maybe needed to get. This of course is not always true, and it’s not a bad thing to wait to ensure a relationship has truly run its course.

When we choose to change though is really quite powerful. Recognizing when something does not feel good, right, or aligned with our beliefs – these moments are the ones where we can begin to exercise the power of choice. Some ways are more obvious than others, such as choosing to stop smoking (just an example – no judgement, I smoked too) versus waiting until we are told by our doctor that we are ill or there’s an adverse health impact now in play. Choosing to look at the finances and start a budget rather than being told your bank account is overdrawn or your denied for something because lack of credit.

Sometimes we wait out of a place of fear, or self preservation. Other times we hesitate because we feel unsure of if it’s the right decision or the best time. Whatever the reason, sometimes framing it in the context of your decision versus someone else making the decision FOR you can be quite helpful. Choice is powerful and can be a very empowering moment to take control of a situation rather than remain reactive.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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