Half Marathon Training Update

Just a short while ago I recommitted to the idea of running a half marathon (read about it here) and decided to try and still make it a 2020 goal! Obviously with COVID in the mix, I won’t be doing some big race day – BUT – I will run 13.1 miles. Here’s where I am at so far:

I have a (loosely) laid out training plan because I know there will be some times when life is going to take over and I won’t be able to train quite like I am scheduled, BUT I am trying to make sure I stick to things as best I can.

Week 1 –
Tuesday – 2 Miles – 11:04 avg pace per mile
Thursday – 3 Miles – 11:18 avg pace per mile
Saturday – 4 miles – 12:06 avg pace per mile
Sunday – Cross trained with an FTP test on my Peloton bike, which was about a 20 min ride and also a PR for me, for output.
Total Miles: 9

I felt a little twinge in my left calf/ankle so I have been trying to pay attention to it and ensure I don’t injure myself. I am focusing on stretching and doing a bit better about foam rolling/massage gun therapy after. I also am working to incorporate more strength training into my regimen.

My fueling/diet has actually been quite good, as I have been keeping to my food logging and macro plan. I can definitely feel when I haven’t properly fueled for a longer run, and I have actually quite happily started eating a slice or two of grain toast in the hour before I go. Fueling and finding what works for your digestive system/body is so key and I am working on really honing in on the balance of it for me.

All in all, week 1 felt better than I anticipated it might, and I am (surprisingly) looking forward to the next week!

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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