Half Marathon Training Update 2

I recently re-committed to the idea of running a half marathon (read about it here) and decided to try and accomplish it within 2020! Obviously with COVID in the mix, I won’t be doing a big, public race day – BUT – I will run 13.1 miles. Here’s where I am at so far:

I have a (loosely) laid out training plan because I know there will be some times when life is going to take over and I won’t be able to train quite like I am scheduled, BUT I am trying to make sure I stick to things as best I can.

Week 2 –
Tuesday – 3 Miles – 10:49 avg pace per mile, 100 burpees, 20 mins barre
Thursday – 4 Miles – 11:21 avg pace per mile
Saturday – 2.2 miles – 11:32 avg pace per mile
Sunday – Peloton bike – 60 min Power Zone Endurance Ride, Arm/Upper Body Workout
Total Miles: 9.2

My Tuesday and Thursday runs felt GOOD. I PRd both my 3 mile and 4 mile runs by a strong 30-45 seconds each! I have no idea why – but I know every workout won’t always be the best, so I am trying to savor the PRs when they come. I can feel my leg strength improving, as well as my endurance/breathing both in my runs and on my bike. I know that in the past, my 60 minute runs (and longer) have been more of a mental game for me, so I am working to try and keep myself cool and calm while I run, reassuring myself (out loud too sometimes) that I am ok and I can do it.

I again felt a little twinge in my left calf/ankle (and my right one on my Saturday run) so stopped a little earlier on my Saturday run than I wanted/would have planned. If I’m being honest, this weekend was jam packed with friends/fun, which also included a LOT of food & alcohol, and less sleep.

ALSO this week was bit more disrupted/distracted than normal, as I had to relocate for the week so I was staying outside my home, without all my amenities that I am used to, and with a strange schedule as far as food, etc.

For what a weird week it was generally, I felt better than I anticipated it might, and I am happy with my progress.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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