Accept the Glow

There is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness.

Lady Marguerite Blessington

Truly. The quote above has been ringing in my head for the past couple of weeks and making me smile in the process. I didn’t used to believe in such things, but now I have my own anecdotal proof. There’s much to be said about how a smile can make one’s face completely change – but that internal “glow up” or whatever you want to call it, can truly make you shine in a new and different way.

We frequently hear people say that women who are pregnant have a special glow that just sparkles a little differently than their normal look, and it’s something about a combined mixture of joy, hormonal changes, a new/different kind of love and emotion, as well as a myriad of other little things which add to this aesthetic. This glow is truly just another level of happiness and ethereal projection from the inside out, and MAN is it a special thing.

For me, I am decidedly NOT with child; however, I have noticed my own “glow” recently pouring out. Even other friends and people have commented on it to me. Now the real question is WHY? What is causing this “glow”? In my opinion, after reflecting on my life, I think it’s just another huge combination of many things.
1. Diet – I have, in the last month or two, taken to a much better diet with increased caloric goals. I have planned, well balanced macro goals each day and I have enough food to both fuel and nourish my body. By default, giving myself enough food, in good balanced ways, I am going to have better skin, hair, nails, etc. With that, I have also had a better balance of water to alcohol intake (with a few nights of exception here and there lol), so proper food AND hydration is important.
2. Fitness – With better diet I am also able to work out more consistently and with better/increased intensity. It’s a lovely cycle because as I work out more, I feel better about myself in so many ways. When I feel good, I want to work out. When I achieve a goal or set a new personal record, I am motivated to do it again. Sweaty faced selfies also are sometimes confused with this “glow” but I think they look nice too. 🙂
3. Healthy relationships – Friends – In the past few months I have really been treasuring my time with friends. Maybe it’s the COVID restrictions and time away, but my time spent with friends is less frequent, but much more meaningful. We now thoughtfully plan and seem to be more attentive. We put the phones down when we are face to face, and we check in more regularly during the weeks when we are apart.
4. Healthy relationship – Other – Dipping my toe back into the dating pool has been something new, but not without its benefits as well. It’s scary to date, but it would be a whole lot more stressful and scary if I hadn’t spent the last few months reviewing my past romantic relationships and determining what I want. I don’t mean “I want a guy who is over a certain height” or anything, but asking myself to make a list of the traits, beliefs, etc that the next partner and our relationship dynamic should encompass. Being able to “casually” date someone who is emotionally aware/available, who is honest with me through everything and who provides a safe space for us to get to know one another has been really enlightening. It’s different, and a bit strange almost in the way that I have never experienced it before, but it’s fun. It’s nice to experience the dating process again in a way that makes me feel excited rather than scared. Accepted not overwhelmed. Prioritized but not pressured.

All in all – the glow up is real and if you think that same level of happiness (or not) doesn’t come out, you’d be kidding yourself. Scroll through those photos from the past and see when you looked as happy as you felt. Can you tell when your own confidence is there or when you felt grateful, happy and serene?

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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