Masculine and Feminine

I was listening to a podcast the other day and it proposed an idea I found interesting: Exiting the feminine by “claiming” and exiting the masculine by “surrendering”. Why this resonated with me is because I know how much I personally struggle with these ideas, on both sides.

How I struggle in “claiming” –
As much as we practice, it can be a scary and difficult thing to voice our needs or claim or seat. We have interactions each day (likely) where we shoo away opportunities to claim (or re-claim) our power, sexuality, desires, or various other needs/wants. My “learned” behavior of “not having needs” in order to make others happy is a constant struggle and a battle that I sometimes find myself losing in.

How I struggle in “surrendering” –
On the flip side of that, I deeply struggle with letting go. Giving up the reigns or letting go of control. It is a seriously difficult thing for me to relinquish myself in any way to another, whether that’s a person, entity or idea. I don’t have exact answers about why, but I know what it feels like when it’s happening and when I am fighting my internal battle to hold on to my (perceived/believed) control.

Both claiming and surrender are equally scary, but also hold so much POWER. Power to deepen your understanding of yourself. Power to increase the depth of relationships. Power to learn to trust your own intuition or ideas. Learning to allow these masculine/feminine energies to exist in tandem can be intensely liberating and awakening. See if you can recognize those moments when you refuse to surrender or claim, and then ask yourself WHY.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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