Half Marathon Training Update 4

We have come to the one month mark of my training for my re-commitment to running a half marathon distance (read about it here) by the end of 2020! Obviously with COVID in the mix, I won’t be doing a big, public race day – BUT – I will run 13.1 miles.:

Week 4 –
Tuesday – 4.8 Miles – 12:30 avg pace per mile
Thursday – 7.58 Miles – 12:12 avg pace per mile
Saturday – Full body Boxing circuit class
Total Miles: 12.38

This week’s training was good, but def felt exhausting and depleting. I did go my furthest distance ever on my Thursday run though, so that was really exciting. I also noticed that when I do longer runs, I tend to end up way more energized for a long time, so I need to be careful that I’m not doing more than an hours worth of running in the times I go running in the evening, after work, or else I can’t sleep at a reasonable hour. Saturday’s boxing class felt so good, but it hurt to get back into, so I was incredibly sore for all of Sunday and Monday, thereby making “rest days” that much easier to abide by.

I am hoping to stay above the 12 miles per week (running) per week and sprinkle in some other miscellaneous workouts, but I am quite pleased with my progress. As far as other metrics besides running distances/times, I was also excited to see positive change in my body measurements. I use “InBody” scans to measure my fat, muscle, water, bone density, etc. Since my last scan about 4 months ago (June 2020), I have decreased my weight by 6.5lbs, with 4.5lbs of those being strictly fat. I decreased my BMI out of an “obese” range, and lowered my visceral fat levels slightly. I can also tell from an aesthetic standpoint how much different my body/face looks, which is very rewarding.

As I mentioned in the past, I also am getting to times/distances that I need to begin my food training with run chews/goo/gums so I did start road testing a batch of GU packets that I got. I currently take 8oz of Cytomax Lime mixed with water, in my running pack when I go, and the GU is for each 45 minutes of running. I tried the strawberry banana this past week and it wasn’t awful. I don’t think I will ever LOVE them, but I can deal with them and wash the taste down with some water. I also got a running arm band for my iPhone, which felt much better than having to deal with cramming it in my running pack, and then fighting the cords all the time. I also ordered a new running pack, which has two 8oz water holsters and containers, which will be necessary as I get further into my training, since the 8oz usually only lasts me to the 90 min mark typically, AND since with COVID, there’s no longer easily accessible public water fountains. Hydration is important, so I have to bring it all with me now. I do hope that on the day of my actual “half”, whoever comes out with me will bring the waters in the car for the ride along and can just meet me at various points along the way instead of my having to try and wear the water the whole time.

No time PRs this week – but that 7.58 mile distance was a new best for me and it helped me feel even more confident that I might actually be able to conquer this half marathon distance.

By DreamerSD

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