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Half Marathon Training Update 5

It’s sort of crazy to think that just a little over a month has passed since I recommitted to running a half marathon distance (read about it here) by the end of 2020! 13.1 miles is the goal, and it feels (surprisingly) attainable!:

Week 5 –
Saturday – 9.95 Miles – 12:23 avg pace per mile
Total Miles: 9.95

This week’s training was (clearly) a bit abbreviated. This was for two reasons:
1. I was SO incredibly sore from last Saturday’s boxing workout that I could barely move for a few days. I also feared that if I overloaded my workouts I would deplete my immune system and cause myself illness again, as I did earlier this year.
2. I could feel in my legs that I needed a rest. It’s been a solid month of my half marathon training regimen, and time to let the muscles recover a bit. I am so glad I did a full rest for 5-6 days, because I felt better on my long run, from a muscular perspective – and less prone to injury.

With that, on my Saturday long run, I went the longest distance (9.95 miles) AND time (2 hours) that I have ever done, which felt incredibly rewarding! While the “big” goals is to do the 13.1 miles, all the micro-milestones along the way have been SO energizing! I also felt such a noticeable difference in my breathing during this run that I was a bit surprised. It felt much easier, and I didn’t feel like I was “panting” or gasping as I have in the past. I came home and could feel the “catching my breath” at the end was lessened greatly.

I toyed with the idea of “just finishing” the 13.1 miles fully on Saturday, but I knew that in an effort to 1. avoid injury and 2. be practical, I shouldn’t. I had only brought enough GU gel packs with me for the 2 hours that were planned and if I had continued the (roughly) 30-40 minutes more that it would have taken to finish the full distance, I would have likely been made ill/injured from it, in some way. In retrospect, I’m SO glad I listened to a reasonable approach, and didn’t finish the run. Even as I write this, a full 36+ hours after the run, I can feel the twinge of achiness in my ankles and knees. I can feel how I’m a bit run down still and some lingering fatigue in my leg muscles. I want to “finish” this goal of 13.1 proudly, and having done so in a way that didn’t cause myself injury along the path.

I also received and test ran my new running pack, which has two 8oz water containers, during my recent long run, so that was nice. I do like it – and there are a few things I will need to become adjusted to while I wear it – but overall I’m very happy. I also got some new/fresh custom insoles (I get them from RoadRunner Sports) and look forward to breaking those in this week on some shorter mid-week runs. I haven’t decided if I will do my half distance with someone else around or not, as I sort of enjoy the solitude, but I can’t deny the practical (and safety) side of asking someone to meet/accompany me during the “event” in order to stay well fueled/hydrated and overall just check on my status. I know I successfully and safely managed to do 10 miles alone, so I feel ok about doing the 13.1 as well alone – though I know friends and family would probably prefer me to be a bit more safe about it.

I am honestly not sure about this coming Saturday, if I feel like I will do the full 13.1 … there is a VERY large part of me that wants to – but I also think there’s room to wait and exercise some restraint. No telling – but I am very excited and feeling quite proud of my progress.

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