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Love at first sight?

With the old Valentines Day 2020 fast approaching, I thought it was an appropriate time to discuss this concept.

Do I believe in this? No, and here’s why:

Love requires respect, admiration, trust and much more. Those will never be established or built in a moment – therefore “love at first sight” really can’t exist in my belief structure. Loving someone means knowing and accepting all the light and dark parts of them, the positive and the ugly. It takes time, effort and dedication to even begin to SHOW those parts of our identity to another person (safely) and to rush the “love” would be to skip over many important moments. Love at first sight seems so shallow, and I would never WANT someone to say they loved me at first sight, because they would have only loved a physical view and their IDEA of who I should be – not my true self.

The only time I think this phrase would be accurate is when a parent sees their child for the first time, as that moment would be the pinnacle of time spent anticipating the child’s arrival – so loving them “at first sight” would make sense.

My personal view on this is that you can be in LUST at first sight or attracted physically – but love, now that’s a whole other thing.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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