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Focus on the Good

There’s a TON of negativity right now, fear, suspicion, racism, blame/finger pointing, loneliness, grief, stress and more, and rightfully so – however, acknowledging those things, doesn’t mean unpacking and moving into them for eternity. In unprecedented times there is NO right answer or “way to behave” that is best, there’s just “doing”. We are doing the best we can. California (where I live) is under “shelter in place” order as of last night, with guidance being only to go out for necessary items, to (authorized/necessary) work, and for exercise (while maintaining social distancing protocols). My heart hurts for those who have been displaced from their jobs and security due to the virus, and I hope we can rally together to take care of one another in whatever form that takes.

All the strangeness, uncertainty and ugliness aside, I choose to remember that I can only control me – so I choose to focus on the good.

I applaud the heroic efforts of our medical professionals all around the world – who are risking their lives (and the lives of their families) to treat everyone. Thank you to the shop/grocery workers who are keeping the shelves stocked (even if it’s not at the pace some THINK it should be) – who deal with customer abuse and frustration. I am so happy to see people helping the elderly or those stuck at home by running errands or delivering items. I am grateful to those who delivery anything and everything – because they brave the streets to help us all in so many ways. I am inspired by the museums, recording artists and more who have offered free entertainment and tours or concerts. I love to see the videos of people singing from their windows or doing a “group” workout from their balconies. Thank you to our trash, water, and city maintenance personnel who deal with (often times) the worst situations and people at their worst. I am encouraged by the actions of people trying to find ways to support small businesses and keep each other afloat.

Things are far from ideal – but don’t lose hope. Stay in touch with friends and family and be safe. I wish you all the best.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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