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July Recap & August 2020 Goals

I’m a couple days into the new month – but let’s see where we’re going and how we did!

  1. Money –
    July –
    Still working on the debt paying – and thanks to my diligent saving, when an unexpected bill (read car maintenance ugh) came up for $850.00+, I was able to pay for it in cash rather than put on my credit card or dip into my emergency fund! Yay! I’d call that a win.
    August –
    The goals for this month sort of tie into finance and food/fitness but yeah.
    1. NO Online purchases of any sort. I can still GO TO THE STORE and get things, but I am not allowed to “convenience purchase” items or have them delivered. This includes “app” purchases, so no app store things, and no phone shopping, or food delivery. I am a HUGE online shopper – so this has been interesting already, only a few days into the month. I also LOVE a good “deal” and to buy gifts for friends/family, so this is a REAL test. So far, I have implemented a special “shopping list” on Amazon for the things I think of that I need to get/want and I will evaluate them in September to see how I feel about them.
    2. Outside of home meals aka “to go” or at a restaurant/take away – limited to 4 for the month, and there cannot be 2 in the same day (so if I go to lunch I can’t go to dinner too in the same afternoon). This will allow me at least 1 “treat meal” per week and/or if something comes up while I happen to be out and about.
  2. Food/Fitness –
    July –
    No thanks to being REALLY sick for part of June and all of July – I actually didn’t get to go out much (not even for my big 3-5 year birthday) and I didn’t go out much to eat (though I did get soup and groceries delivered). July was honestly tough, because I was dealing with being physically ill (cough and sick but not COVID), AND I was (to be perfectly honest) feeling REAL depressed. I know why, and I was doing my best to get through it – but it was tough and I lost a significant amount of weight (and muscle too) during this month.
    August –
    I am entering this month feeling better than July, and that’s on both the depression and the health front. I am ALSO embarking on a customized Macro plan (from a professional) and aiming to fuel my body in a way to meet some goals that I have long held in my mind. Very excited to see how this goes.
    – Fitness –
    July –
    As I was sick – I didn’t get much working out in until the latter 10 days or so of July – but after taking SUCH a long “break” from working out – it was a refreshing feeling to get back into it….aka SUPER ease back into it.
    August –  With my updated nutrition plan in place, my goal for this month is 6 days of cardio (30 min sessions), 5 days of some strength training or body weight training per week. I alternate my own weight workouts with guided “home” workouts in the Shreddy fitness app, as well as my Peloton bike for my 30 min rides and/or a guided outdoor walk. Hoping, when my cough completely clears, to get back into some outdoor runs again, since I have a 5k planned in September (virtual) with my sister.
  3. Travel –
    – Booked a trip for next Spring – April 2020. Big plans and excited to take a little time with a good gal pal, to explore more than a few awesome places! Still ironing out the details – but – so far it’s looking like London, Paris, Amsterdam and maybe Germany. ALSO my friend recently relocated to Italy…so may have to take advantage of her move (and free lodging) and pop over to say hi for a couple days! Remaining optimistic that by then perhaps COVID will have calmed down and US travelers will again be allowed.
    – Excited for my trip to visit my sister and her family in September, we’ve been planning/plotting food, fun and lots of good old family time. 
  4. Other –
    – I am in the process of getting my coaching/life coach certification, so that’s been full focus as far as class, homework, readings, outlines and such. Did well though since the course started with keeping up on my homework and allocating the appropriate amount of time each week for studying! Have made a nice friend in the course and she & I do weekly (or more) calls to discuss the work, our class assignments, and just chat. It’s been nice to make a new friend, even if just virtually (she lives on the east coast).
    – Stuck with my journaling and even added aNOTHER journal to the mix lol. I’m a journal weirdo but I just love to get my thoughts out of my head. Honestly feel like it’s been SO beneficial to me during a period of my life where so much is different/strange and during my dip into depression during the last couple months. Introspection and reflection have truly been such a saving grace. 

What are YOUR goals for the coming month? Looking forward to things or people? I know I love to switch it up and see what I am capable of, so refreshing/incorporating new goals is so much fun!

By DreamerSD

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