Half Marathon Training Update 3

I recently re-committed to the idea of running a half marathon (read about it here) and decided to try and accomplish it within 2020! Obviously with COVID in the mix, I won’t be doing a big, public race day – BUT – I will run 13.1 miles.:

I have a (loosely) laid out training plan because I know there will be some times when life is going to take over and I won’t be able to train quite like I am scheduled, BUT I am trying to make sure I stick to things as best I can.

Week 3 –
Tuesday – 4.35 Miles – 12:13 avg pace per mile
Wednesday – Peloton bike – 30 Min Ride
Thursday – 3.45 Miles – 12:09 avg pace per mile
Saturday – 6.96 miles – 12:57 avg pace per mile, 18 holes of golf
Total Miles: 14.76

My earlier week runs felt a bit difficult and hard, but I felt ok overall and less aches in my calves than I have been in past weeks. Saturday felt tough but good. It was a realllllll mental challenge for me, as I was super nervous about running past the 4ish mile mark and 60 minute duration. I wanted to make sure I didn’t “pre” psych myself out, so I strung two 45 minute runs together (using my outdoor guided runs on the Peloton App) and didn’t allow myself to look at the final distance after the first 45 minute class finished – I just immediately clicked off the screen and started the second 45 minute class. This took me further than I imagined I would go, and instead of the scheduled 5 miles, I went almost a full 2 miles further. Granted it was tough and I was def tired by the time I finished, I was proud to pass that mental hurdle, AND do it without injury. The one and only time in my past that I have run further was 7miles, back in March 2020, and I ended up hurting/injuring myself doing so – which set me back about 3 weeks of training because my calf was not ok. I am SO happy to have little residual pain or soreness.

If I’m being honest, again, this weekend was jam packed with friends/fun, which also included a LOT of food & alcohol, and less sleep. I am really aware of this and feel bad for it, so I am working to rest more and do better about balancing my time out – especially with regard to alcohol.

The only things I have noticed are 1. with this distance increase I felt a little chafing in some spots….so I have ordered some things to hopefully help with that. 2. I am still struggling to find the best headphones for my needs/preferences. I also am getting to times/distances that I need to begin my food training with run chews/goo/gums so I am going to start road testing those probably next week. I don’t love the goo stuff, but I understand the necessity of it, so if anyone has recommendations, I’d love to hear your favorites!

No PRs this week – but I was really happy/proud of my distance on Saturday and I feel more confident than ever now, knowing I can do it. Now to get past 7 miles and embark on territory I haven’t been in before, THAT is such a mental thing for me and I am looking forward to pushing past my own boundaries.

By DreamerSD

Life enthusiast

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